Our group

Dragados UK is part of the Dragados Group – a key construction arm of the world-leading ACS Group. The ACS Group, first overall on the 2014 ENR 250 Global Contractor List, operates in 68 countries.

Our history stretches back more than 70 years from our founding in 1941. Since then we have grown into a worldwide group with unmatched experience in infrastructure, bridge, highway, tunnel, dam and marine projects. Over the last 70 years we have built almost 13,500 kilometres of highways, 1,500 bridges, nearly 1,350 kilometres of tunnels, 230 dams, 850 kilometres of railways, 500 kilometres of high speed rail numerous rail facilities and airports.

Dragados follows the strictest safety and quality standards on its construction sites and is certified ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14000 and OSHA 18000. We are also implementing ISO 31000.