About us

Dragados UK is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dragados and after securing some significant highways projects in the UK in the 1990’s, we officially established our UK & Ireland region in 2010. Setting up business and winning some of the UK’s most high profile, infrastructure projects in such a short space of time gives an indication of how strong our leadership and clarity around our business goals are. We have responded to the British environment and made it work. We’re working outside our own culture and have not only integrated into the UK but added to it by bringing a fresh eye, innovation and a new way of working to some of the country’s most complex engineering challenges: Crossrail Eastern Running Tunnels, Bank Underground Station Capacity Upgrade, Forth Road Bridge Crossing.

Our people are engineering experts who have completed flagship projects all over the world in the water and transport sectors, including major high-speed rail projects.



Crossrail Eastern Running Tunnels, London Bank Underground Station Capacity Upgrade, London Forth Replacement Crossing, Scotland Waterford Bridge, Ireland