Corporate Responsibility

DRAGADOS commits to the corporate commitments of the ACS group as part of its business model:

• Commitment to the social environment

DRAGADOS is aware of the importance of bringing value to the community through all its projects. As a company specialized in large civil works, DRAGADOS is committed to job creation and diversity in the workforce. We embrace safe and ethical work, social economic growth and expansion throughout all markets.

• Commitment to the Environment

DRAGADOS is committed to a sustainable approach in its projects. Our designs and projects care about environmental concerns and aim for short and long term benefits, creating value for money. Climate change, increasing threats to biodiversity and the efficient use of resources are key concerns behind the core values of the business model of DRAGADOS.

• Commitment to Value Creation

DRAGADOS recognizes that it must include not only its shareholders, but also clients, employees and the community in the long-term project value. In order to create value for the future, DRAGADOS is committed to meet the needs of all the involved third parties.

• Commitment to Integrity

DRAGADOS is committed to manage it business with the highest regard for legal compliance and ethics. The company and its employees operate with transparency and integrity with customers and suppliers in accordance with DRAGADOS’s business model.

• Commitment to Technological Development

The global status of DRAGADOS is the result of its commitment to technological innovation to meet client needs with dynamic and creative solutions. At the forefront of infrastructure development DRAGADOS sets the standard by aiming for new and better ways of doing business, embracing technical and technological development through its R & D policy and aiming for sustainable work throughout DRAGADOS’s Group.

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