Dragados’s corporate values, culture and professional ethics are present at all levels of the company and conform the main pillars sustaining the activity of Dragados.

Dragados is committed to sustainable development and to making an efficient and ethically responsible contribution to society by creating value for the company and its stakeholders and by always demanding the best standards of integrity from its employees and collaborators.

All activities of Dragados group are decidedly centred around the client with a spirit of service and an eye on the future, by developing a strong  and long term relationship based on mutual trust.

The flexible and decentralized structure of the company encourages responsibility and initiative amongst its employees, who are instrumental in generating maximum profitability and promoting the level of excellence which is necessary to offer the best products and services to our clients.

These values which have been at the core of the culture of the Dragados Group from its beginnings have generated the key competitive advantage for the past, present and future growth of the Group.