Health and Safety

The Occupational Health and Safety, is one of the strategic pillars of Dragados. We maintain the commitment to chieve the highest standards of Health and Safety management and so become a reference in Health and Safety, not only for its employees, but also for its suppliers, contractors and collaborating companies. The main challenge lies in designing and implementing, in all its operating fields, a Health and Safety Policy which meets expectations. Furthermore, the company considers it fundamental to reinforce its commitment with the Health and Safety  culture through an integration and optimization of resources.


Thanks to the individual commitment of all its employees and the involvement of suppliers, contractors and collaborating companies, Dragados delivers its Health and Safety culture, approaching its ultimate target of Zero accidents.
Dragados Health and Safety policy complies with the different Occupational Health and Safety regulations in force in the countries where it operates, as well as promoting the integration of occupational risks into the company strategy by means of advanced practices, training and information.
Dragados, as all the ACS Group´s companies share common principles in management of their employees ´s health and safety.

These principles are the following:

  • compliance with the duties imposed by the current H&S Law and Regulations as well as other requirements voluntarily observed.
  • Effective Integration of Health and Safety into the set of initiatives and at all levels, implemented through a  correct Plan-Do-Check-Act process.
  • Adoption of all those measures necessary to ensure employees´ protection, health and well-being.
  • Achieving continuous improvement of the system by means of appropriate training and information as regards prevention of hazards and risks.
  • Qualification and competence of staff and application of technological innovations.

We also promote:

  • Development of strong partnerships  and alliances with our clients, partners, and subcontractors
  • Implementation of a comprehensive Health and Safety System
  • Defined accountability and responsibility programs that promote safety during construction stage
  • Structured programs for monitoring and continuous improvement
  • Development and maintenance of safety training and behavioral based safety programs
  • Defined sets of company-wide aims and objectives related to the safety and health of the workforce