Other important projects

High Speed Barcelona Sants Station

Barcelona, Spain

The addition of Barcelona to Spain’s high-speed railroad network placed significant demands on the city’s already overburdened and busiest station, thus requiring a major refurbishment to serve 1,000 trains per day and 45 million passengers per year. The existing station platforms were located in an underground box underneath a surface-level concourse and an 8-storey flagship hotel. Major station expansion and complete remodeling was necessary to the main station building, track network, parking facilities and commercial operations in order to increase intermodal transfer capacity, passenger mobility and pedestrian flow. All construction works were performed within a heavily congested urban area in the heart of the city which required detailed logistics planning and interface management with multiple stakeholders. The scope of work included the construction of a new track 14, upgrade of existing tracks 11, 12, & 13 and the construction of a new four storey underground parking garage. A concurrent €35 million station hall reconstruction project made the surface-level concourse and ticket-hall area considerably more spacious and bright. 

M&E, communication systems, cameras and SOS stations, high and low voltage power supply, elevator and escalator installation, ventilation, ticket vending and barriers, track signaling and OCS, fire detection and suppression
Maintain station fully operational throughout project (42,000 Passengers Daily)
Early involvement with M&E designers and supply chain: more efficient design and reduction of maintenance costs.
Main interface with Hotel Barceló Sants challenged minimising noise levels and disruption of the station’s operations at night.