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Spanish French Border

Figueras, Spain – Perpignan, France

The scope of this PPP contract includes the Design, Build, Finance, Maintenance and Operation of the High Speed Rail (HSR) Infrastructure link between Figueras (Spain) and Perpignan (France). Dragados was the lead partner of the design-build joint venture for this project, which entailed the construction of 50.8 km of high-speed rail route for the Spain - France high-speed rail line, including the 8.3 Km  twin-bore Perthus Tunnel through the Pyrenees, the construction of 6 major structures, 60 bridges and 2 false tunnels, and all infrastructure and systems associated with the operation of a high-speed rail. Among the most challenging sections of the project was the Perthus Tunnel. Given its geotechnical characteristics two TBMs (Tunnel Boring Machines) were used to cut through the hard rock found in this area. During the first stages of excavation it was necessary to prepare the South portal of the tunnel which included the building of a platform as well as an opening reinforcement as both machines excavated from the Spanish side. The construction of the Perthus Tunnel was considered the most hazardous section. Due to its location and the nature of the tunnel construction the following state-of-the-art technology and safety standards were implemented: installation of the most advanced safety equipment (smoke detectors, high pressure water lines, ventilation system, emergency egress connection between the twin tunnels every 350m, backup power supply, signaling systems and emergency facilities such as direct access at the entrance of the tunnel, helicopter landing area, water storage and sewage system). 

Length: 50.4 Km of high speed rail
Scope: 8.3 km twin-bore tunnels, 6 major structures, 60 bridges,2 false tunnels and systems associated
Double shield TBM 9.98 m Ø