Other important projects

Bank Station Capacity Upgrade

London, UK

  • New entrance, three ticket halls, six lifts, 10 platforms, two 94m travelators, 570m tunnel and platform for Northern Line
  • Winners of the Constructing Excellence Integration and Collaborative Working Award 2014.
  • Through London Underground’s Innovative Contractor Engagement (ICE)(two separate hyperlinks: case study + ICE process) process we saved the client £60m.

Rather than focusing on cost, the ICE process allowed us to focus on adding value and longer-term social benefit. Airport-style travelators were our key innovation: two 94m travelling walkways will speed up every journey of passengers travelling to and from Central Line platforms by one and a half minutes.

London Underground’s base scheme had pinch points particularly around the ‘triplication’, where three cross passages would have conveyed passengers between the Northern and Central Lines.  We removed the triplication and created space for the travelators by removing plans for a new pedestrian link to the triplication and replacing a bank of lifts with triple escalators.

The design phase is underway for upgrading Bank Underground Station - one of the largest underground railway complexes in the world - which is used by 96,000 passengers every day. The project will improve capacity and relieve congestion by amalgamating Monument and Bank stations and includes:

  • Creating a new ticket office and entrance at ground level
  • Constructing a new 570m running tunnel and platform for the southbound Northern Line
  • Converting the existing tunnel into additional circulation space
  • Providing step-free access to the street and Docklands Light Railway (DLR) and means of escape for people with reduced mobility.

We have designed our scheme to minimise impact on adjacent structures and disruption to the City’s everyday life.

Innovative Contractor Engagement (ICE)

The two key objectives of the Bank Station Capacity Upgrade project with London Underground are to increase capacity at the station and minimise journey times. London Underground’s new Innovative Contractor Engagement (ICE) process gave us the opportunity to take the base design and develop it to not only significantly improve station capacity but to:

  • Reduce journey times
  • Reduce impact on services during construction
  • Reduce the programme by 10 months
  • Reduce planned closure of the Northern Line by five weeks
  • Improve the cost benefit ratio by 45%
  • Reduce the capital cost.


London Underground’s first Innovative Contractor Engagement (ICE) project
Dragados working in full alliance with London Underground
Dragados saved client £60m with innovative solutions
New entrance
Three ticket halls
Six lifts
10 platforms
15 escalators
Two 94m travelators
570m tunnel and platform for Northern Line