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Over the past decade, the emergence of "sustainable development" has transformed much of the built environment. The growing recognition that long-term environmental costs must be internalised in all design questions has led to significant innovation and change. One of the early proponents of "sustainable development"; Dragados has integrated it throughout its entire operation. Given the long-term consequences throughout the world, water resource projects are at the forefront of these new innovations, from supply, treatment and increasingly, reuse of the water. Dragados has worked throughout the world meeting this new and complex demand.

World map showing the countries where construction projects have been carried out (North America, Alaska, Great Britain, Australia, Portugal and Spain among others)
Examine the projects executed
Relevant Facts
Drinking water treatment (DWT's): 17
Wastewater treatment plants (WWTP's): 190

Most important projects by specialty

Great Island Combined Cycle Power Plant main site plan
Great Island Combined Cycle Power Plant - Wexford, Ireland
The 460MW Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) at Great Island, County Wexford is a modern, efficient, clean, gas-fired power plant that has been built to significantly decarbonise electricity generation in Ireland.
Aerial view of the Bray Shanganagh WWTP
WWTP Bray Shanganagh - Dublin, Ireland
This project involved the design, construction and operation for 20 years of a wastewater treatment plant in the metropolitan area of Dublin which serves the equivalent of 180,000 inhabitants. Located by the sea in an environmentally sensitive area, the work involved the expansion and renovation of an existing plant with an associated pumping activity and two submarine outfalls. DRAGADOS took over operation of the existing plant from the beginning and gradually replaced the equipment with newly built units. The plant has a complete line of treatment including thermal drying and cogeneration.
Plan of Reutilisation of treated water in Altona
Reutilisation of treated water in Altona - Melbourne, Australia
Design and construction of a tertiary treatment plant to reuse water treated at an existing wastewater treatment plant which serves approximately 50,000 people in a suburb of Melbourne. The new plant was the first of this kind ever built in Australia
Close-up of WWTP Estoril reservoirs
WWTP Estoril - Estoril, Portugal
Design and construction of the wastewater treatment system with a capacity to serve 720,000 people on the coast of Estoril near Lisbon. The system consists of two plants. The first plant treats water in the liquid phase and stands on a very small plo