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Dragados has played a major role in the development of the high speed rail (HSR) network in Spain which, with more than 2,660 kilometres of network, is the second largest in the world. We have constructed 1,016 kilometres of the Spanish HSR network, completed 126 kilometres of HSR tunnels and numerous HSR stations. Our involvement in HSR began in 1988. Since then, we have completed 41 major HSR projects and in the last 10 years we have designed and constructed 12 major projects in Spain, France, and Portugal with individual project costs in excess of £1.2bn and an overall project cost of more than £6bn.

Our experience in the development and execution of significant HSR and major infrastructure projects has given us a thorough understanding of the preparation, planning, specification and contract requirements that make these huge projects a success.

In the last 10 years our major HSR projects have included main HS stations as Madrid Atocha and Barcelona Sants.

We have completed more than 270 km of HS infrastructure including tunnelling, viaducts, track, electrification:

  • High Speed Train, Madrid-Zaragoza-Barcelona-French Border Line. 127.41 km
  • High Speed Train, Madrid-Sevilla Line. 50.95 km
  • High Speed Train, Madrid-Valladolid Line. 53.75 km
  • High Speed Train, Madrid-Valencia Line. 51.7 km
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More important projects by specialty

Aerial view of a section of the Spanish French Border high-speed rail line
Spanish French Border - Figueras, Spain – Perpignan, France
The scope of this PPP contract includes the Design, Build, Finance, Maintenance and Operation of the High Speed Rail (HSR) Infrastructure link between Figueras (Spain) and Perpignan (France). Dragados was the lead partner of the design-build joint
Illuminated plan of the interior of the Guadarrama Tunnel
High Speed Tunnels Guadarrama -Madrid-Segovia, Spain
The 28.7 km long, twin-bore Guadarrama tunnel is the longest railway tunnel in Spain and the fifth in the world. These tunnels are the first and only high speed tunnels of that length excavated without intermediate access shafts. The tunnels were
Interior view of the Atocha station of Madrid
High Speed Atocha Station - Madrid, Spain
Puerta de Atocha station is the largest station in Madrid. It is the primary interchange serving commuter trains, intercity and regional trains as well as AVE high speed trains from Barcelona, Seville and Valencia. The station had a capacity of 16
Interior view of the Sants station of Barcelona
High Speed Barcelona Sants Station - Barcelona, Spain
The addition of Barcelona to Spain’s high-speed railroad network placed significant demands on the city’s already overburdened and busiest station, thus requiring a major refurbishment to serve 1,000 trains per day and 45 million passe