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Dragados S.A. was founded in 1941 and won its first underground project in Spain in 1944. In 1965, the company began its international push and won its first contract. Since then, Dragados S.A. has completed over 530 underground projects in nineteen countries and five continents.

World map showing the countries where tunnel projects have been carried out (North America, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Australia, Portugal and Spain among others).

Today, having constructed more than 920 miles of tunnels, shafts and galleries and stations through a variety of geological conditions, utilising diverse methodologies and all types of construction technologies, we are a worldwide leader in underground construction.

Examine the projects executed


Road tunnels: 151
Railway tunnels: 158
Underground tunnels: 182
Water tunnels: 345
Mine: 84

Most important projects by specialty

Recreation of the metro station, where you can see the escalators that give access to the platform
Bank Station Capacity Upgrade - London, United Kingdom
  • New entrance, three ticket halls, six lifts, 10 platforms, two 94m travelators, 570m tunnel and platform for Northern Line.
  • Winners of the Constructing Excellence Integration and Collaborative Working Award 2014.
  • Throu
Front view of the tunnel boring machine used for the creation of the tunnel while it is being lowered into the tunnel
Crossrail C-305 Eastern Running Tunnels - London, United Kingdom
This is the largest of the Crossrail projects and part of the biggest construction project in Europe
We are constructing twin, concrete lined tunnels using four Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs) and mining mainly through London Clay. We hav
View of the interior of the Barcelona metro platform. The sign with the name of the station can be seen
Madrid Underground (1995-2011) - Madrid, Spain
From 1995 to 2011, Madrid Underground has built over 165 miles of new track, including 168 new station. This work has required the use of 31 Tunnel Boring Machines (TB). This is the largest underground expansion ever.
Of those 320 new kms, 76 ha
Interior view of Madrid's M30 Bypass Tunnel
Bypass Sur M-30 (South Tunnel) - Madrid, Spain
MADRID INNER RING “Calle 30” (SPAIN) The Madrid inner ring covers 42 sq km of the city center where over one million people reside.
To allow traffic in both directions, a twin tube design, each with three lanes to accomadate